MTech Manufacturing Certified to International Standard

Sean Waddle | November 2023 | 2 minute read

The Performance Review Institute (PRI) Registrar recognizes Magee Technologies, Inc, (MTech) for having met the stringent requirements of this international standard, their ongoing commitment to satisfying stakeholders, and their dedication to continual improvement of their quality management system.

MTech announces that it has received certification to AS9100/ISO 9001 RevD.

Production Engineering Lead at MTech, Gregg Battaglia spearheaded the recent audit process. “We are excited and relieved to receive this news. It is an intensive audit process that we decided to do internally prior to PRI’s external audit to all-but-guarantee we received this certification.” Battaglia added that though the 5,000 sq ft prototyping shop was already listed on the certification from 2021’s previous PRI audit, it only recognized kitting and assembly. “We are anxious to add more capabilities to the shop for our customers, so we expanded the scope of this year’s audit to include ‘manufacturing.’ This not only recognizes our exemplary commitment to quality but brings greater value to our customers.”

Randy Daugharthy, Vice President – Registrar at the Performance Review Institute Registrar said, “MTech has demonstrated its commitment to world class quality by implementing and becoming certified to the AS9100/ISO 9001 standard. They have joined an elite number of organizations worldwide who have achieved certification to this globally recognized quality standard. PRI Registrar is proud to partner with MTech in this accomplishment and look forward to continued support of their objective of quality excellence.”

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