MTech specializes in aero-structure strength and stability, DaDT, and finite element analysis. Our subject matter experts can develop and analyze models ranging from coarse grid air vehicle level and breakout FEM’s down to fastener level or detailed 3D stress models. From full scale analysis plans to SME consultants, MTech has the tools and experience to take any project from conception through production, certification and installation.


Leveraging classical hand analysis with state of the art finite element pre/post processors and solvers, MTECH is uniquely positioned to analyze or consult on any project your company may have.


Strength and Stability Analysis

Durability and Damage Tolerance

Safe Life and Fail Safe Analysis

Advanced FE Modeling and Analysis

  • Metals and Composites
  • Linear and Nonlinear Statics
  • Buckling
  • Contact Analysis
  • Normal Modes and Frequency
  • Topology and Property based Optimization