Simcenter 3D Product

Why Simcenter 3D?

Simcenter 3D helps you model and evaluate complex product performance through revolutionary improvements in simulation efficiency. By integrating multiple physics domains together from a single simulation modeling environment, you gain better insight into your products’ performance faster.

Go faster – through a common engineering desktop
Simcenter 3D is an integrated environment in which you perform all of your CAE pre- and post-processing. Unrivaled geometry manipulation tools help you intuitively defeature and abstract computer-aided design (CAD) geometry from any source.  Comprehensive meshing and modeling tools support multiple simulation applications and give you the unique capability to associate your analysis model to design data. This helps you speed the tedious modeling process and keep analysis models in sync with the latest design.


Model the complexity – by simulating many physics phenomena
Simcenter 3D integrates industry-standard, multidiscipline simulation solvers, all from the centralized engineering environment. The Simcenter 3D simulation solvers for structures, acoustics, structural dynamics, durability, motion, thermal, electromagnetics and more help you to predict real-world performance for a large variety of physics domains. This tight integration of solutions streamlines multiphysics processes that would otherwise be too challenging to perform.

Explore the possibilities – through simulation automation
The true value of simulation is not just in reducing the number of physical tests you need, but also in the number of design options that simulation lets you explore. Simcenter 3D lets you automate modification of geometry, simulation models and solution parameters so that you can explore with integrated design space exploration tools. You can also use Simcenter 3D as a pre- and post-processing tool for other common, third-party solvers like ANSYS, Abaqus, MSC Nastran and LS-Dyna. This means you can take advantage of the excellent CAD associativity, geometry editing, and comprehensive meshing tools to explore all of your simulation needs.

Stay integrated – through seamless data management
As part of the Simcenter portfolio of simulation tools, Simcenter 3D integrates with the digital thread that spans 3D simulation, 1D simulation and testing solutions. However, simulation is just a part of a longer digital thread running through your product development processes. Simcenter 3D also keeps your simulation processes tied to this longer thread with a seamlessly managed environment that connects with simulation data management. This keeps your simulation processes in sync with digital development processes like CAD, routing, product requirements and manufacturing processes.

Enjoy flexible licensing
To make Simcenter 3D even more flexible for your simulation team, Simcenter 3D offers value-based token licensing. Instead of purchasing individual licenses for each add-on module, you can buy packs of tokens that allow you and your team to instantly access most Simcenter 3D modules.

Integrated, multidiscipline FE pre-/postprocessing

At the heart of Simcenter 3D is a centralized working environment for pre-/post-processing of all Simcenter 3D solutions for structural, dynamics, composites, durability, acoustics, thermal, flow, motion, optimization and electromagnetics. This integrated environment helps you to achieve faster CAE processes and streamline multidiscipline simulations that integrate any of the Simcenter 3D solutions together, like thermal-mechanical, vibro-acoustic or other more complex analyses. Simcenter 3D’s pre/post helps you to:

  • Quickly and intuitively edit, defeature and abstract geometry
  • Build any kind of mesh with comprehensive meshing tools
  • Efficiently create and manage finite element (FE) assemblies
  • Create, run and evaluate simulation models for multiple common third-party CAE solvers
  • Efficiently launch and monitor simulations remotely

Structural analysis

Simulate structures to understand how they perform for stress, deformation and more. Structural analysis solutions within Simcenter 3D are powered by the well-known Simcenter Nastran solver and can help you accurately simulate the following types of solutions:

  • Linear analysis
  • Multistep nonlinear analysis

Structural dynamics

Understand, analyze and improve structural dynamics response. Simcenter 3D structural dynamics solutions help you to efficiently understand and avoid excessive vibrations and stresses. Dedicated capabilities available within the structural dynamics solution include:

  • Structural dynamics
  • Noise, vibration and harshness (NVH)
  • Rotor dynamics
  • Response dynamics

Acoustic simulation

Minimize noise and optimize sound quality through acoustic simulation. Simcenter 3D includes dedicated acoustic modeling capabilities, efficient solvers and easy-to-interpret visualization and auralization tools that allow you to quickly gain insight into a design’s acoustic performance for uncoupled acoustics, coupled vibro-acoustics and aero-acoustic applications. Specific acoustics capabilities include:

  • Finite Element Modeling (FEM) and Boundary Elements (BEM) solutions
  • Aeroacoustics and aero-vibro-acoustics
  • Ray acoustics

Durability and fatigue analysis

Perform in-depth fatigue and lifing analysis through an integrated suite of tools to support fatigue design in all stages of development. This includes easy-to-use wizards for strength and fatigue in the design phase; fatigue information on the current simulated part; detailed analysis of complex load scenarios, including weldments and connections; and new materials and manufacturing processes. Specific capabilities for durability include:

  • Fatigue strength analysis
  • Weld fatigue
  • Composite fatigue

Motion simulation

Simulate multibody dynamics to engineer performance for moving mechanisms. Simcenter 3D includes a complete and robust set of capabilities to support all aspects of advanced dynamic, static and kinematics motion simulation. The early use of motion simulation is key to evaluating mechanism performance to increase design confidence and reduce risks. Specific capabilities include:

  • Rigid body and flexible body dynamics
  • Control system integration
  • Drivetrain, transmission and gears
  • Interference checking
  • Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL)
  • Time waveform replication
  • Driving dynamics
  • Tire model integration

Electromagnetics simulation

Integrate low-frequency and high-frequency electromagnetic solutions to achieve excellent performance. Simcenter 3D includes a comprehensive set of capabilities that provide insight into diverse design challenges, such as the performance of electromechanical components and energy conversion, antenna design and siting (small to large scale), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Thermal analysis

Simcenter 3D is a complete solution for modeling nonlinear and transient heat transfer phenomena. Dedicated thermal modeling capabilities help you rapidly create thermal connections, select the right physical model and define the right loads and boundary conditions. Simcenter 3D thermal analysis solutions include these specific capabilities:

  • Conduction heat transfer
  • Convection heat transfer
  • Radiation heat transfer
  • Conjugate heat transfer
  • Space-systems thermal


Integrate domain solutions to solve real-world problems. Simcenter 3D streamlines multiphysics simulation through a common engineering desktop that is used for pre- and post-processing of multiple disciplines. Through this integrated platform, you can more easily perform multiphysics simulations such as thermal-fluid, thermo-mechanical, fluid-structure interaction, vibroacoustics, aero-vibro-acoustics, electromagnetic-thermal and electromagnetic-vibro-acoustic. Simcenter 3D also supports both weak and strong coupling depending on the physics types involved. Simcenter 3D performs multiphysics simulations using these different methods:

  • One-way data exchange
  • Two-way data exchange
  • Integrated coupled solutions

Additive manufacturing build simulation

Print your part right the first time. Simcenter 3D additive manufacturing capabilities can help you predict distortions and defects before you ever print any parts, thereby reducing the number of test prints and improving the quality of your final print. Specific capabilities in the additive manufacturing solution include:

  • Simulate powder-bed fusion build process
  • Geometry compensation based on results

Design space exploration and optimization

Improve and optimize your product designs. Simcenter 3D software optimization solutions relieve the burden of improving product designs by automating the iterative process. This enables you to compare your design’s performance against specifications. It also enables you to start at topology optimization and extend to design space exploration with more classical parametric optimization capabilities. Specific design space exploration and optimization capabilities include:

  • Integrated design-space exploration
  • Topology optimization
  • FE parameter optimization

Flexible pipes, hoses and cables

Understand how flexible pipes, hoses and cables will react when your part moves. Simcenter 3D includes applications dedicated to helping you simulate the behavior of how flexible pipes, hoses and cables will move and bend within your moving assembly. This application helps you determine and simulate mounting scenarios and calculate initial positions of flexible pipes. Specific capabilities supported include:

  • Rubber-like hoses
  • Electric cables and wire harnesses
  • Mounting scenarios
  • Initial and operating positions
  • Forces and moments
  • Collision and interference checking
  • Optimize position and orientation
  • Linear and nonlinear dynamics

Seamless data management

Trace all of your team’s simulation work and data in a product development context. You can use Simcenter 3D in a seamlessly managed environment integrated with Teamcenter software. When Simcenter 3D is used with Teamcenter integration, you can create, store and access your product simulation data in a Teamcenter database. It combines the power of Simcenter 3D in multiphysics modeling with the power of Teamcenter in storing and retrieving data in a controlled fashion. Capabilities include:

  • Integration with Teamcenter simulation
  • Rules-based assembly management

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